Explore Monteverde’s orchids with us!

450 species in the same place

More than 120 different ones in bloom every day

32 years of sharing passion and knowledge

Our collection started on a sunny morning 32 years ago, when “Papo” was walking through the forest and saw a small plant with a colorful miniature flower. From that moment on, the passion and amazement for orchids began to grow.

Over the days, he continued to “rescue” more and more orchids that the wind stripped from the trees in Monteverde.

15 years later, he decided to open a space to the public to share his passion and knowledge, so that everyone would have the privilege to observe and appreciate these detailed and colorful flowers up close.

Today, the Monteverde Orchid Garden has a wide exhibition of more than 450 different species in a serene place, where you can be amazed by more than 120 different types of flowers, in bloom every day of the year.

We are more than a botanical garden!

Let yourself in the different colors, smells, textures and sounds that Monteverde gives you. Enjoy a moment of peace and wonder. Live nature intensely!


A peaceful place in down town of Santa Elena, Monteverde


Discover the smallest orchids in the world.


Take a pause and breathe

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