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Be amazed by the incredible wildflowers from Monteverde and Costa Rica.

In our Orchid Garden we have a collection of more than 450 different species in the same place. More than 120 different types of them in bloom every day. That’s why we have flowers in bloom every day and month of the year.

80% of wild orchids are miniature, therefore, the entrance to the garden includes a guided tour, because many of the flowers have sizes of 1mm to 3cm in diameter, and we do not want you to miss any of them.

In the 45-minute tour you will be able to connect with nature and enjoy peacefully, while learning about wild orchids, hybrids, how to take care of plants at home, and much more.

It is a simple short walk, with accessible trails suitable for all people.

Come and get amazed by nature and let us show you our passion!



Entrance + Tour



Entrance + Tour



Entrance + Tour

Private Tour


Entrance + Private Tour

Prices are in US dollars. * Students and residents require a valid ID at the entrance. **Min 2 persons for a private tour. Children from 6-12yo enter as Students. Children under 6yo enter free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there enough flowers in bloom?

Yes. We have an average of 120 different species in bloom every day of the year, regardless of the month or the season.

2. Is it necessary to take the tour?

The guided tour is included with your entrance to the garden. It is recommended because 80% of wild orchids are miniature and we do not want you to miss any.

3. In what languages ​​are the tours?

Tours are in English and Spanish.

4. Is it a difficult hike?

No. It is approximately 300m of accessible trails. Suitable for the whole family. 

5. What are the times of the tours? Do we need to make a reservation?

There are no specific times for the tours. You can arrive directly, the waiting time is approximately 20 minutes. Our recommendation is to book online so you don’t have to wait.

6. What are the business hours?

We open every day of the year, from 9am to 5pm.